Brain functions:
Their meaning for everyday life

Brain functions Everyday life
Long-term memoryRetain memories, know and remember things
Autobiographical memoryI know who I am and I remember important details of my life
Semantic memoryI know what words mean, how the world is functioning (e.g., how many hours are in a day)
Episodic memoryI remember the context of certain events (e.g., when did something happen, how many people were there, etc.)
Executive functionI can take actions
Attention (sustained, divided, alternating)I can focus in order to read my book despite the distracting noises and at the same time I have my mind on the food I am cooking.
InhibitionI can supress my urges
PlanningI can organize smaller and bigger details in order to reach my goal (e.g., succeed in my classes, loose weight or solve a problem)
Critical and inferential thinkingI can combine the information I know about the world in order to reach a logical conclusion. It helps me vote, protect myself from a threat, maintain healthy social relationships, etc.
Cognitive flexibilityI can disengage from a thought and a task from a different perspective. It helps me be open-minded and process different aspects of the same thing.
Information processing speedI can quickly process information and react in a timely and correct manner.
Visuospatial abilityI can perceive visual information correctly
OrientationI remember how to go to my home or workplace. I can read a map. I know were I am.
Understanding spatial relationsI can perceive how far/close the objects are and the relations between them (bigger-smaller). It helps me drive and move around.
SpeechI can organize my thoughts and explain concepts to my interlocutor. It helps me in my social relations. 
UnderstandingI can actively listen to my interlocutor, understand what I read and keep the main ideas.
Social skillsInteraction with other people
Theory of MindI can get myself in another person's position and understand their motives and the reasons driving their behavior.
Understanding humor and metaphorical speechI can understand when people tell something for a joke or use speech figuratively. It helps me have fun with my friends and build strong relationships with others.
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