What can be the impact on the caregiver of a person with dementia? 

If you are providing care for a person with dementia, notice if you are experiencing the following signs of mental and physical burnout.

  • I feel the patient demands my care attention more than they really need.  
  • I frequently find myself neglecting or rushing to fulfil the daily needs of the patient.
  • I feel like I am losing control of my life as a result of the disease and caring process.
  • I raise my voice or have an angry tone towards the person with dementia.
  • I have symptoms of depression, such as insomnia, fatigue, bursts of anger (even for minor things), and decreased interest in engaging in other activities.
  • I feel I should do more to take good care of the patient.
  • I feel I have no social life or personal time because of the patient.

All of the above are frequently experienced by caregivers of people with dementia. It is ver important to seek help and support in the difficult task you are doing. Our team has health professionals who can help you individually, teach you techniques for dealing with the symptoms of dementia and daily difficulties, and even recommend to you support groups of other caregivers that you can join. Remember that it is crucial for your well-being to make time for rest and entertainment. 


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