Ioanna Theophanous

Ioanna Theophanous is a licensed Clinical Psychologist (Reg. No. 516). She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2013) from Nottingham University, England and in 2018 she received a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from University of Nicosia.

Ioanna has worked in the Therapeutic Community of Agia Skepi from 2013-2016. She fulfilled her Master's obligations by attended a traineeship as a Clinical Psychologist in Agia Skepi's Reintegration Project, in the Centre for Therapy, Training and Research (KESY), in Morfou's Day Care Centre for Adults with Special Needs and in the Psychiatric Dept. at Athalassas Hospital.

Ioanna has experience in a broad spectrum of psychological disorders among children, adolescents and adults. She has received training in psychometric evaluation related to the assessment of developmental and school difficulties, as well as, personality assessments.

Till present, she is working at Materia Group as a unit psychologist offering psychotherapy and psychometric services.


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