What is the service?


Neuropsychological Assessment examines brain functions using various standardised paper and pencil, constructive or electronic tests. Our center offers the possibility for a Brief or Extended Assessment, depending on the customer's needs.

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What cognitive domains are being examined?


The domains examined in each evaluation differ according to the request. We examine more than 30 brain functions. Click here to view some indicative functions and their importance for everyday life.

What type of tools do you use?

Indicative tools according to the main domain tested can be found below:


  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale  (WAIS-IV)

Dementia-Cognitive Decline

  • Mini Mental State Examination Tesτ
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment
  • Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination-Revised


  • Verbal Learning Test
  • Digit Span Test
  • N' Back Test
  • Corsi Blocks Test

Executive function

  • Stroop Test
  • Ruff 2 and 7 Selective Attention Test
  • Trailmaking Test

Visuospatial Ability

  • Visual Neglect Tests
  • Judgement of Line Orientation

Other tests

  • Geriatric Depression Scale
  • Boston Naming Test
  • Complex Figure Test
  • Driving test

Are your services appropriate for me?

We are addressed to people who want to:

  • assess and improve any cognitive difficulties as a result of a specific disorder.
  • check their functionality and obtain a written report.
  • train their cognitive skills.

Which is the procedure I have to follow?


After contacting our center and booking your appointment you will need to visit our premises for the evaluation. To ensure the validity of the results you should have had adequate sleep, something to eat and you should be feeling good, in general (i.e., not having a headache or being ill).

The Brief Neuropsychological Assessment (BNA) lasts approximately 1 hour and involves the administration of a standardised tool for the preliminary assessment of one's cognitive quota. The Extended Neuropsychological Assessment (ENA) is conducted during one or more sessions lasting approximately 1.5 hours each and involves the administration of various standardised tools and tests. The ENA is superior to the BNA and is preferred when we aim to obtain a comprehensive and complete depiction of the individual's potential and functional status. Thus, depending on the question being investigated, we administer tests of working and long-term memory, IQ, attention, visuospatial ability, etc. ENA concludes with the compilation of the Neuropsychological Report, a formal document that serves as a reference point for the person's cognitive status at the given time-point, as a guide for the therapist to know which functions should be exercised during the rehabilitation sessions, and as a supporting document for various services (e.g., school, army) which require a formal report of one's functionality.


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