Neuropsychological Rehabilitation


What is the service?

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation focuses on strengthening various cognitive functions and, consequently, improving one's quality of life. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation is an umbrella service that encompasses various other services and therapeutic approaches. The combination of those different elements assists us in approaching an issue in a holistic manner.

As a rule, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation relies on the results of the Neuropsychological Assessment, in order for the therapist to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the individual being treated, as well as, his or her preferences and interests and adapt the intervention appropriately.

At Noesis Center we believe that every person is unique and thus, our Rehabilitation programmes are adaped to the needs of our customers.

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Which cognitive domains are being trained?

The targetted cognitive functions in each Rehabilitation programe vary according to the needs of each customer. In general, we target over 30 brain functions. In this link, you can view some examples of cognitive functions and their importance in everyday life. 

What are the services provided under Neuropsychological Rehabilitation? 

  • Cognitive enhancement

Various tools, exercises, and technological devices are used to train cognitive domains and teach the person compensating techniques to balance their difficulties in a smart manner. For example, in the cases presenting memory difficulties, we use both exercises to strengthen memory skills, and teach the person effective techniques to help him better recall information. Cognitive enhancement service is tailored to the needs and interests of each customer, e.g., we use singing, painting and constructing activities. 

  • Assistive technology products

Technology can greatly improve people's daily lives, especially if they have difficulties in a particular area. For example, in current market, there are available voice-assisted devices for people with visual difficulties and speech-assisted applications for people with hearing difficulties. Give us a call 96205350 (Sotiria Moza) to book an appointment for a free evaluation of the appropriate technology aids for your case.

  • Psychoeducation

Psychoeducation focuses on educating individuals, their relatives, and health professionals about the causes, effects, and implications of a particular disease. The service is complementary to the Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of the individual as with Psychoeducation, we, also, train their network in optimal disease management. Thus, rehabilitation is carried out in a holistic manner. 

  • Sensory Therapy

Sensory Therapy stimulates brain through the senses. Exercises focus on touch, sight, hearing and smell. It is recommended for people with advanced stage dementia, but also as a complementary treatment for other conditions. 

  • Skill Retraining

Often, as a result of an illness, individuals lose their ability to perform specific activities, for example, read, find their way, handle their finances, etc. Skill Retraining aims to "wake up" and strengthen those skills. 

  • Home/Space Adaptation

The place in which we live and work should assist us in carrying out activities of daily living. However, sometimes, as a result of a disease or injury a person might experience specific difficulties constituting it necessary to implement smart changes in their environment in order to make it more functional and safe. During Home Adaptation health professionals evaluate the person's personal space and suggest changes/modifications that can assist them in their everyday living. 

  • Behavioral Therapy

The service is addressed to people who wish to reduce negative behaviors (e.g., aggression) and enhance positive ones. 

  • Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy assists the person in performing everyday-life activities and staying active and independent for longer. The main areas of focus in Occupational Therapy are self-care, dressing, food preparation and feeding, moving and socializing, home care, etc. 

  • Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy aims to strengthen and improve oneself, as well as, relationships with others, sense of identity and coping with problems. In many cases, the requests we receive from our clients focus on personal, development, crisis management, support and coping with anxiety, depression, loneliness, panic, phobias, and eating disorders. 

  • Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy focuses on the assessment and improvement of speech, articulation, language, as well as, chewing/swallowing disorders irrespectively of the cause. The service aims at developing and improving communication, speech production and clarity of articulation. 

Is Neuropsychological Rehabilitation appropriate for me?

We are addressed to people who wish to:

  • Evaluate and improve their cognitive difficulties due to a particular disorder
  • Check their cognitive function and obtain a written report
  • Exercise their cognitive abilities

A personalized Neuropsychological Rehabilitation plan will designed by our health care professionals, combining two or more of the aforementioned services to suit your individual needs. 

Which is the procedure?

After you book your appointment and have a preliminary consultation on your case and needs, a healthcare professional will conduct a Brief or Extended Neuropsychological Assessment to you depending on the request. Then, depending on your needs, we will develop a personalized treatment plan. Our interventions include weekly sessions with healthcare professionals at our premises or at your own space if have mobility limitations. 

What tools do you use?

At Noesis Center we use a wide range of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation tools which is continuously enriched. Indicative tools include:

  • Memory exercises (paper and pensil tests and other tasks)
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Singing and music
  • Constructive activities with cubes or everyday life objects
  • Smell identification test
  • Recognition of famous people tasks
  • Exercises based on one's interests: cooking, knitting, electrical
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality Tools
  • Electronic exercises, e.g., Driving Test, Find the Word Test, Object Position Memory Test


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