Our values


At Noesis Center we strive to promote well-being and mental health for all people. We provide services both related to the diagnosis of cognitive impairments (Neuropsychological Assessment) and to mental treatment and cognitive enhancement (Neuropsychological Rehabilitation).

At Noesis Center, we believe that:

  • Mental disorders (e.g., dementia, memory loss, speech problems) can be improved with the appropriate, interdisciplinary intervention. That's why our people have a rich scientific background and education, and they are continuously trained to provide the best quality of services. 
  • Therapeutic interventions are more successful when they are holistic, in other words, when they aim to improve multifaceted aspects of daily living. That's why in our center, we offer a wide range of services, such as cognitive enhancement, home adaptation, sensory stimulation and assistive technology support, in order to address our customers' needs. 
  • Every customer, regardless of their age, is entitled to the best care to improve their quality of life. That is why our services are addressed to a wide range of ages, needs and conditions. 
  • Each person is unique and they must be treated in this perspective. That's why we don't have one solution for everyone. We approach each case individually and adjust the rehabilitation plans to our customers' needs and interests. We believe that entertainment is the biggest motivation for the success of cognitive enhancement programmes. 

Treatment and rehabilitation should leverage on recent knowledge and modern technology. This is why:

  • Our partners are continuously trained and further specialized.
  • We have a constant collaboration with departments specializing in research and innovation, in order to be the first ones to distribute innovative products and services.
  • We produce research work at a Cypriot, Greek and European level.
  • We are constantly enriching our range of tools and materials used for rehabilitation.
  • We maintain a rich network of partners.


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